What is a Netbook?

Netbooks are small, very portable mini laptops designed to access the internet and online applications. Netbooks have the following things in common:

  • They have a screen under 12 inches in size
  • They usually weigh around 1 kg
  • Netbooks use low power mobile CPUs like Intel’s Atom processor
  • Because of the small screen size and mobile processors, netbooks usually have a long battery life
  • The don’t have built-in CD ROM or DVD drives
  • Netbook keyboards are typically 90% of full size

All the above make netbooks great little laptops to take out and about. They are great for typing up emails or small documents in starbucks. What they’re not really built for is photo or video editing.

This blog post was written on an Acer Aspire One in a pub. We think netbooks are great for just this sort of thing – accessing internet based applications over free wi-fi. This netbook is so small and light, and was relatively cheap – so I take it anywhere I think I might need to browse the web (read check facebook) or fire of an email.


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