Dell 1011 Netbook Review

dell mini 1011Dell Mini netbooks have made a bit of a name for themselves thanks to their solid hardware, sharp looking designs and bright colours. The latest Mini 1011 is no exception. It’s a solid machine available in 6 different colours.
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The Mini 1011 sports many of the same components as you’d expect from other netbook manufacturers. The almost obligatory 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N280 processor is there, humming along with a brisk 667 MHz front-side bus, supporting a healthy 512K of L2 cache. It makes for a responsive web browsing experience, and the standard 1 GB of RAM handles all the normal tasks you’d expect in a reasonably speedy fashion. You can even expand your memory up to 2 GB, which would be a wise choice given the potential gains to be had considering how cheap RAM has gotten. On top of that, the spacious 160 GB hard drive lets you store a lot of data even for a power user.

While the keyboard is 92% the size of a full layout, it’s hardly something you’d notice, and the crisp 10.1″ screen is enough space to give you plenty of breathing room for multiple apps and windows to be open simultaneously. The Mini 1011 comes loaded with Windows 7, though any Linux distribution can be loaded easily if you prefer an open source alternative. Pound for pound, the Mini 1011 is amongst the best in its class and should make any computer user on the go quite happy in the long run.

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