Samsung N140 Review

Samsung N140If you want to get your hands on a solidly put together netbook with an amazing battery live and an easy-on-the-eye 10″ screen you could do worse than take a look at the Samsung N140 netbook.

Similar to the popular NC10, it features a good-looking matt-finish anti-glare screen and stylish chrome-effect edging that adds a touch of class to the netbook chasis.

However, in every other aspect the N140 is a marked improvement on its predecessor. Compared to the NC10′s 533MHz RAM the N140 sports 800MHz DDR2 RAM and its wireless card has been updated and is now 802.11n compatible.

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As well as a solid spec the N140 is also a very comfortable netbook – the keyboard is as responsive as earlier Samsung’s netbooks and while packed into a compact space is still pretty easy-on-the-fingers over prolonged use.

The biggest selling feature of the N140 is its massive 11 hour battery life which makes it an ideal travelling companion for long-haul journeys and can manage a full working day away from the socket.

Samsung N140 Specifications
1.6GHz Intel Atom N270
Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3
10.1in (1024×600) 16:9 matt LCD display
160GB 2.5in SATA HDD

You might be disappointed if you were looking to Samsung for a massive leap forward in the design and finish of their netbook range – but the refinements they have delivered in terms of technical specification and battery life make the N140 hard to ignore. The N140 is a high-quality utilitarian netbook that we have no reservations in recommending and is sure ot be another hit from Samsung’s already solid range of netbooks.

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