Samsung N510 Netbook Review

Samsung N510 netbookBored by all the mid-range netbooks sporting 160GB hard drives and 10 inch screens then look no further than Samsung’s impressive N510. Probably the first netbook to hit the market that can comfortably boast gaming capabilities due to the ambitious pairing of Intel’s Atom mobile process with Nvidia’s revolutionary Ion Chipset.

On cursory examination the N510 doesn’t appear to be a massive departure from Samsung’s earlier efforts the NC10 and N110. The Samsung N510 sports a solid finish, with a straightfoward slimline chasis and a nice touch of detail with a chrome finish that runs around the edge of the case. But it is under-the-hood where the Samsung N510 really comes into its own.

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Compared to other netbooks on the market, the N510 is a powerhouse of computing power which is an essentialy purchase for anyone who wants their netbook to do a bit more than run office applications and send email.

Nividia’s Ion LE is not going to set the world alight when compared to hardcore desktop gaming rigs but the graphical oomph it delivers for such a small machine is truly impressive. To be clear you are not going to get full detailed anti-aliased light shows from the latest processor-hungry first-person-shooters however with some tweaking of in game settings you should be able to get a playable experience and older, less resource heavy games should run like a dream.

Another bonus for the leisure user is that the N510 packs another processor muscle to decode 1080p video – using a media player that supports hardware acceleration. And if the quality 11.6 inch display is not big enough for you, then the N510 allows you to hook it up to HDTV or project via the onboard HDMI port.

Along with all the bells and whistles the N150 does all the basics you would expect from Samsung’s range of quality netbooks. The 11.6in screen supports an impressive 1,366 x 768 resolution and has a matte finish to reduce screen glare in bright conditions. Ergonomically, the netbook is comfortable to use and has a good quality responsive keyboard and the N150′s battery clocks in at very respectable 8 hours away from the socket.

If you want a little more muscle from your netbook and would like to be able to play games while on-the-move then the N510 is the netbook for you. Gifted with the high quality finish and specifications you would expect from Samsung, the N510 marks a significant leap forward for the netbook market and is probably an essential purchase for gamers and gear-heads who want a little more bang for their buck.

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